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Department of Labor - Office of Workers' Compensation Programs

Date Submitted

January 18, 2011

Information Requested

Specifically, please provide records identifying the following information from your for Director Steve D. Breeskin for the past ten years:

  1. Name;
  2. Present and past position titles and occupational series from January 14, 1991 and after;
  3. Present and past grades from January 14, 1991 and after;
  4. Present and past annual salary rates (including performance awards or bonuses, incentive awards, merit pay amount, Meritorious or Distinguished Executive Ranks, and allowances and differentials) from January 14, 1991 and after; and
  5. Present and past duty stations (includes room numbers, shop designations, or other identifying information regarding buildings or places of employment).

FOIA Request

Steve Breeskin Data File FOIA

Responsive Documents

OASAM Steve Breeskin Letter, February 3, 2011

Relevant Documents

Breeskin FOIA Confirmation, January 28, 2011

ALG Reference No.


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