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U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Date Submitted

December 18, 2012

Information Requested

Records identifying the following information for those serving as full-time “official-time,” personnel, i.e., those working full time for an exclusive representative (union) in dealing with the Department of Veterans Affairs regarding terms and conditions of employment:

  1. Name;
  2. Agency or Department;
  3. Present and past position titles and occupational series from January 20, 2012 and after;
  4. Present and past grades from January 20, 2012 and after;
  5. Present and past annual salary rates (including performance awards or bonuses, incentive awards, merit pay amount, Meritorious or Distinguished Executive Ranks, and allowances and differentials) from January 20, 2012 and after; and
  6. Present and past duty stations (includes room numbers, shop designations, or other identifying information regarding buildings or places of employment).

FOIA Request

VA Full-Time Official-Time Personnel, December 18, 2012

Responsive Documents

VA Final Response Letter, April 10, 2013

ALG Reference No.


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